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User Interfaces Standing Committee

Welcome to the User Interfaces Standing Committee wiki. Access to this wiki is limited to the members of the task force.

If you are a member of the task force and need assistance with access to this page please contact Cherie McCraw, FLVC-T,

Committee Charge:

“Advise the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) Library Services Members Council regarding service interface options for library users. Scope of committee work includes, but is not limited to, online discovery tools, online catalog, interfaces on web and mobile devices, and support sites, taking into consideration issues such as accessibility and multiple languages. Group will liaise with other FLVC committees and task forces as appropriate.”

Committee Membership:

  • Marissa Ball - Florida International University
  • Douglas Cornwell - Palm Beach State College
  • Tricia Elton - Tallahassee Community College
  • Mason R. K. Hall - Florida State University
  • Kristin Heathcock - Hillsborough Community College
  • Chad Mairn - St. Petersburg College
  • Britt McGowan - University of West Florida
  • Kristina Neihouse - Florida Keys Community College
  • Danielle Rosenthal (Chair) - Florida Gulf Coast University

  • MCLS Liaison - Meg Hawkins, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
  • FLVC Liaison - Cherie McCraw


Meeting Recordings:

Quarterly Reports:


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